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Pelekas accommodation

Beneath shady trees, at the very centre of Pelekas in its main square, is Agnes Restaurant. It serves breakfast lunch and dinner as well as a selection of tasty snacks and hot and cold drinks. All the food is home-cooked and much of it is organically produced. Our menu is sensibly priced with something to suit every pocket.

It is a great place to share a meal with friends or just to have a drink and a snack while enjoying the view of the surrounding countryside and coast, or watching everyday Corfu village life.

Agnes cooks all the food herself each day and follows traditional Greek recipes. Her specialities are the dishes unique to Corfu. The best known Corfiot dishes show their Venetian influence. These are Sofrito (sliced veal cooked with vinegar, garlic and parsley); Bourdeto (a peppery fish stew); Bianco (a white, garlicky fish stew); Pastitsada (a pasta and meat dish); and Pastitsio (layers of meat and macaroni, a little like lasagne.)

In addition you will find classic Greek dishes including Moussaka, Souvlaki, Stuffed Tomatoes and Peppers, pasta, meat (roast and grilled), fresh grilled fish, seafood such as prawns, octopus and squid, and a whole range of tasty starters and salads. Vegetarian dishes are always available.

Agnes Restaurant is open all summer from morning until night. Why not drop in and experience the sort of food that Greeks eat? You won't be disappointed.

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